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  1. WebAccess: Distribution Lists don't work

    WebAccess 7.2.1-51838

    A few of the new and old distribution lists don't work.

    Is this a known problem and how can i fix it?
  2. under debian there's no entry "ENABLED_LANGUAGES"...

    under debian there's no entry "ENABLED_LANGUAGES" in /etc/zarafa/webaccess-ajax/config.php but in the same folder in config.php.dpkg-dist
    If i change the entry in config.php.dpkg-dist like above it...
  3. no german language after upgrade to 7.1.6

    After upgrading from 7.1.4 to 7.1.6 the left folders are still in german and the buttons on the top are in english.
    The loginscreen only shows a few languages, image is attached.

    What could be...
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