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    svnversion breaking build

    # HG changeset patch
    # User Mel Flynn
    # Date 1338060896 -7200
    # Branch upstream
    # Node ID b6769c1588b2c6c5a2e221b448ae7e2f78b6aa72
    # Parent fe8fd18df7af79bc99b7d9d66aeeafe83952012d
    Fix builds...
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    To give some background: bdb_*_candidate...

    To give some background:
    bdb_*_candidate messages are logged to inform you a search has been performed that could benefit from an index. Without the index, the server has to walk the entire database...
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    Re: Zarafa Webaccess with nginx

    I have it working with nginx and php-fpm just fine. I'm not running the gateway, only spooler, dagent and ical. Only diff that I can see with your config is that I'm using a unix socket. Since php is...
  4. Re: Version 7.0.5&6 does not compile of archivestateupdater.

    The configure script will use libtool in the source tree by default. Unless you specify LIBTOOL environment flag or symlink provided libtool to system libtool. If neither of that is the case, the...
  5. Re: Version 7.0.5&6 does not compile of archivestateupdater.

    On FreeBSD relocation errors appear when you override provided libtool with libtool-2.4. Are you doing something similar?
  6. Re: Fallback delivery with e-mails generated from CRM


    Unparsed \n in there, making for missing transfer encoding header.
  7. Re: VMIME exception on parsing headers: Cannot initialize

    The exception thrown is questionable: states:
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    VMime compilation fix with LLVM clang ... p?rev=2503

    Related information in Obtained From field of log message.
  9. FreeBSD port and fixing up the build system.


    I'm currently working on a FreeBSD port, which I hope to have ready before the end of next week, pending among other things, outcome of this post. While fixing up the source tree for...
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