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    Thanks, but when I log into Kopano JIRA, it says...

    Thanks, but when I log into Kopano JIRA, it says I can't view that ticket. It may have been deleted or I don't have permission to view it. So I have no idea if it's actively being worked on.
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    Keep getting thread responses and thread unsubscribe link doesn't work...

    Sending a reply here in hopes that I can use the unsubscribe at the bottom of this message to get out...
  3. GAB Sync with Z-Push 2.3 - SYSTEM user still not working

    Zarafa Z-Push 2.3. LDAP backend. Multi-tenant.

    I've got the following config for gabsync.conf.php:

    define('HASHFIELD', 'account');
    define('AMOUNT_OF_CHUNKS', 10);...
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    Spreed Android and iOS Apps Compatibility

    Are the apps for Android and iOS compatible with Zarafa WebMeetings?

    If so, is anything special required to get them working?

    If not, are there plans to release an app for these...
  5. Attempts to run a second --restore while one is...

    Attempts to run a second --restore while one is running gives this lock error:

    backup-plus - ERROR - Traceback (most recent call last):
  6. Zarafa-Backup-Plus : When will restore be multi-threaded ?

    Ran into an issue where I had to do a bunch of restores. This utility is great for making backups. You can use multiple threads and pull out data quickly.

    Going back? Not so fast.

    Why is...
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    It's just the standard Spreed whistle sound. The...

    It's just the standard Spreed whistle sound. The only plugins we have are

    Delayed Delivery
    Mobile Device Mgt
    Web Meetings
    Web App Manual

    It would be nice to have a...
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    CentOS 7 / x86_64 We get the same type of...

    CentOS 7 / x86_64

    We get the same type of thing. I need to know if this is an error that can be ignored or if it indicates a real problem. In other words, is this caused by a user deleted a...
  9. Files Plugin: Sharing with a User by Name Doesn't Work

    I've just updated to the latest OwnCloud (9.0.4.x) in order to see if this fixed the issue, but it didn't.

    In OwnCloud via the web browser, I can select a file, choose to share it and then put in...
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    SOLVED: Files Plugin and OwnCloud

    Thank you. I had the server address set as since that is the Apache root of the installation. I moved the /owncloud to the next line and it worked.

    This needs to be...
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    Notification sound causes confusion

    This is from a customer comment to me:

    How can this be altered? If it's a core item that can't be changed locally, will you consider adding some alternate notification sounds? Any ETA on...
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    Fix found

    OK. This appeared to be an issue with the largefiles plugin. I regressed back to 2.2.0 and still had the issue. Once I removed that plugin, it worked on 2.2.0 and then worked also on 2.2.1. It...
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    WebApp 2.2.1-40 does not UPLOAD files

    Since upgrading to this last Friday, file uploads no longer work. I plan to uninstall the "Files for Teams" plugin to see if that affects it. This is obviously a HUGE issue though.
  14. WebApp 2.2.1-40 has "Constant DEFAULT_SERVER" error

    This is showing up since upgrading to this version of WebApp and installing the new config.php:

    PHP Notice: Constant DEFAULT_SERVER already defined in /etc/zarafa/webapp/config.php on line 24
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    Which FILES plugin should I be using?

    We're running 7.2.4.x with WebApp 2.2.1.

    I've installed first the normal "files" plugin that is in the WebApp directory. Later, I uninstalled that and installed the Files for Teams 2.0 beta.
  16. Great. Thanks. Shoot me a link to files if you...

    Great. Thanks. Shoot me a link to files if you want us to test it.
  17. Bug Report: Portuguese Calendar Invites Have Errors in the Text

    If someone uses either the WebApp or DeskApp to send a calendar invitation FROM a Portuguese language account to any other account (English or Portuguese), the calendar text is filled with errors.
  18. MDM Plugin with Zarafa 7.2.4 and Z-Push 7.2.3

    After upgrading Zarafa packages to 7.2.4.x and Z-Push to 2.3beta and WebApp to 2.2.0, I now have this error when attempting to use the MDM plugin:

    [FATAL] [[email protected]] Exception:...
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    Bumping this. No reply from Zarafa. Still...

    Bumping this. No reply from Zarafa. Still happening after all restarts.
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    +1 from me +1 from one of my biggest customers...

    +1 from me
    +1 from one of my biggest customers
    +1 from another customer company
    +1 from a third customer
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    Sticky: when is release / plus more package errors

    RHEL-7 / CentOS here.

    When will this be? I've been tracking upgrading from on a staging server.

    First, it won't do a straight upgrade. No "yum localinstall" works due to package...
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    SECURITY FLAW: When will this be fixed?

    Please see this URL for a detail on a security flaw that allows the private AND public IPs of clients to be logged without the user knowing it:

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    The frustrating thing is that when I go into the...

    The frustrating thing is that when I go into the WebMeetings settings (gear icon) and type in a "Default Room," and hit OK, it NEVER saves this setting. So, there is no JSON setting to LOOK at in...
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    WebApp Not Refreshing Every 5 Minutes

    The manual says:

    WebApp will automatically check for changes when interacting with it (i.e. each time the user clicks on a folder or switches between applications). When there is is no interaction...
  25. Outlook 2013/2016 and Public Calendars : SYNC possible or not?

    Just trying to keep up to date. At this point, with the latest Z-Push, is it possible for outlook 2013 or 2016 to see and sync Calendars that are in the Public folder for a company?

    This is on a...
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