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    +1 for this. And it should be possible to expose...

    +1 for this. And it should be possible to expose a calendar for importing in other apps.

  2. Feature request: Unique URL for each email, for direct access via WebApp


    I want to use Zarafa with Elasticsearch on ClearOS, in the context of Tiki Suite.

    Tiki Suite is a selection of Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS) server, web, mobile and desktop...
  3. Feature request: Unified search throughout all folders (WebApp)


    Currently, it's possible to search in one directory, with a check box to search in subfolders. That's good.

    But, there should also be a way to search everywhere (Sent mail, inbox,...
  4. Feature request: Threaded view of emails in WebApp


    On all the mobile devices that I tried, it's possible to get a threaded interface for emails via Zarafa (ActiveSync).

    Thunderbird also offers this.

    However, Zarafa WebApp doesn't.
  5. Feature request: offline version of WebApp


    Zarafa's ActiveSync works great for mobile devices.

    Right now, to get offline access to Zarafa data, another app (like Thunderbird) is required. This creates a change in the workflow & UI...
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    +1 as this is a quite basic & common requirement....

    +1 as this is a quite basic & common requirement.

    I added a workaround here:

    Best regards,

    M ;-)
  7. phpdbg: The interactive PHP debugger -> integrated into PHP 5.6 (installable on 5.4+)


    Please see:


    M ;-)
  8. Is it possible to run Zarafa without the PHP mapi extension?


    Here are two threads which conclude to a current issue with an upgrade from PHP 5.3 to 5.4/5.5 on ClearOS and having Zarafa still functional:

    Upgraded to PHP 5.4.19 and broke zarafa, web,...
  9. Hi Lennart! Any news? Thanks!

    Hi Lennart!

    Any news?

  10. Proposal to migrate to the Bootstrap front-end framework in a future version


    Every few years, apps typically undergo a revamp of their theme system to take advantage of new technical possibilities and to refresh the look & feel. The Zarafa theme/branding is really nice...
  11. Hi Lennart! Any news on this? The sooner it...

    Hi Lennart!

    Any news on this?

    The sooner it happens, the sooner people can contribute. Also, stats are great for promotion.

  12. Git / Github repository and stats

    Hi! was launched:

    And now, it reads:
    "We are currently...
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