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    6.40 rc2, LDAP addressing groups

    zarafa 6.40 rc2
    plugin = LDAP
    .el5 gpl

    the addressbook is populated correctly,
    in addressbook when i click
    -a user and create the email address is correctly filled in " Local Administrator...
  2. Re: for PHP 5.2 under RHEL/CENTOS 5 (X86_64)

    thanks for the tip, this works for centos 5 using php 5.2.10

    cp <extract_dir>/usr/lib/php5/extensions/ /usr/lib/php/modules
    cp <extract_dir>/usr/share/php/mapi/* /usr/share/php/mapi

  3. Thread: RSS feeds

    by dungog

    RSS feeds

    The User Guide is great, but doesn't mention RSS ... al&lang=en

    How do you add an RSS feed with webaccess

  4. Re: multiple sender address not working in webaccess

    I have the same problem as OP, so do these folk

    I can't alter the From address
    I can add and select alternates, mail is delivered, but it uses the default...
  5. Re: Calendar Entries From Webaccess Break iCalendar

    with RC1 at first glance the breakage is fixed, excellent,

    now I see in my ical logs

    Fri 19 Dec 2008 09:23:53 AM EST: Terminate/Interrupt signal captured: Shutting down CalDAV Gateway.

  6. : generates PHP errors [Solved]

    this was a configuration error, we were trying to load mapi twice
    details on smeserver bug fyi
  7. Re: generates PHP errors when service is restarted

    no, as indicated by the snip there were a screenfull, 12 could be right
  8. Re: Calendar Entries From Webaccess Break iCalendar

    Confirmed, well described

    Can create an event in Lightning, it shows up in webaccess
    edit the event in webaccess and it disappears in lightning
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