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  1. Re: Database Deadlocks cause WebAccess to stop refreshing

    Any ideas?

    This is pretty annoying and makes WebAccess a pain to use since refreshes and new message notification always stop after a while.
    I'd gladly write a bug report if I had access to you...
  2. Re: Database Deadlocks cause WebAccess to stop refreshing

    Many thanks for the hint! Unfortunately, it didn't help, the deadlocks are still there. A simple SELECT COUNT on the changes table takes more than 2 seconds. The server should be powerful enough to...
  3. Database Deadlocks cause WebAccess to stop refreshing

    Product version: 6,40,10,28214
    File version: 28214

    Symptom: WebAccess suddenly stops updating and fetching new messages within a few minutes or hours after login. The time until...
  4. Lots of SQL deadlocks. What could be the reason?


    We're currently using Zarafa 6.40.7 with approx. 60 users on a amply dimensioned server (2x6 core Xeon, 24 GB RAM) running SuSE11 x86_64.
    Most users connect via WebAccess, about 6 users use...
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    Re: Umlaut in appointment

    The following patch posted a few weeks ago fixes the problem:


  6. 6.40.5: fix for incorrect encoding in calendar invitations

    We noticed that invitations and meeting requests sent from WebAccess contain incorrectly encoded UTF-8 characters in the human readable part of the e-mail invitation as well as in the DESCRIPTION...
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    Re: Change default font in email mesasages

    It's in the file /usr/share/zarafa-webaccess/client/layout/css/dialog.css at around line 140:

    #html_body, #disabled_html_body {
    border:1px solid #A5ACB2;
    /* ...
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    Re: WebAccess stops refreshing

    I can confirm this problem with 6.40.5. It's pretty annoying. Refreshing works fine for a few minutes and then suddenly stops. Apparently the browser continues to regularly send requests to the...
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